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Hi, I'm Diva

Owner-Breeder of Dobruski Dobermans

You might be thinking— Did your parents name you Diva?

That's a fair question, and I'd be happy to share that story another day. This story is about how I came to breed Dobermans.


It all started in 1967 during The Summer of Love...


The Monkeys, Beatles, and Doors topped the pop charts. And yes, I loved them all, but I was obsessed with Herb Alpert and The Tijuana Brass. 

Four pairs of gangly, bronzed legs swung over the porch of our cabin at the lake. My siblings and I gazed out across the lake and imagined ourselves as grownups when I blurted: “Let’s marry each other and raise dogs.” (Crickets.)

Six years later, my family got a Doberman named Mackie.


I freakin’ loved that dog and spent every spare moment with him. Once I entered him in AKC shows, Shazam! — my love affair with the breed began.


Soon, my grown-up dreams turned into “I want to be a veterinarian.”

Diva and Mackie_Vintage_edited.jpg

Me and Mackie, cira 1973ish

In 1977 at UC Davis veterinarian program, I took courses on genetics and was hooked! 


After a few hairpin twists and turns and my path to become a veterinarian went into the weeds, but the raising dogs thing stuck.

By 2010 we imported our first European Doberman from Moscow and then a second from Poland in 2011.


Our Polish import ​was championed ​in AKC in 2015, and we then bred him to a lovely female. In 2016, we delivered our first Doberman litter. By 2019, a female from that litter also championed, and we bred our second litter in 2020.  


Fast forward to today and my obsession with pedigree research and my love affair with Dobermans has become a life mission:

To create healthy Dobermans with longer lifespans so people like you can enjoy your dog into old age. Ultimately, I intend to contribute to a brighter future for Dobermans!

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Gr.Ch. Dura Lex Polonia Fado Saava, aka Baba at 8 weeks. Our Polish prince and founder of our lines.

Baba and Gemma1.jpeg

Baba and Gemma Rose. Our Polish prince and Russian princess

What you get with a Dobruski puppy...

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Litter D, virtical adjusted.jpeg

Health tests we do to ensure your puppy's parents are both healthy:

  • Your puppies' Sire and Dam's genetic health tests include... 

    • Heart screening using the Holter test annually

    • Troponin and Pro BNP heart testing

    • Thyroid 

    • Full liver panel

    • Hip X-rays

    • Eye exams

    • Echocardiogram is done at 3 years as a baseline and if necessary, after that, on both parents before breeding and then done annually.

*Note: We are members of and utilize their UC Davis VGL DNA diversity testing and the database of genetic science for our breeding pairings. 

Your new puppy will...

  • Be hand-selected from the litter for you, based on its temperament and personality, matching your puppy to the unique needs and specifications in your application.

  • Get wormed and vaccinated for Parvo and Distemper at 5 weeks and once again at 7 weeks before going home at 8 weeks. 

  • Receive an appointment with Dr. Soltero at Saguaro Vet Clinic between 6 and 7 weeks to have their ears clipped. (This is optional.) 

  • Weigh between 15-25 lbs. when you pick them up at 8-10 weeks. They will have been exposed to a variety of experiences and partially crate-trained prior to going home. 

  • Go home with a "new puppy gift bag" filled with blankies, toys, chew treats, and a bag of high-quality puppy food (and other goodies)!

  • Have my ongoing support— I’m your lifetime advocate for a healthy, happy canine companion!

*NOTE: Should you choose to have their ears clipped, the charge for this service is $1000. If you prefer to wait until about 12 weeks, we will make an appointment for you in advance. 

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