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I got the best dog in the world from the best breeder in the business.

Charles Gatti, happy Dobruski dad with Nala

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Gatti Nala headshot as pup_edited.jpg
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The Dobermans families like yours are raving about!
Boo boo head shot
boo boo 2 head shot
Phoebe head
Phoebe and momma standing
Phoebe body 2
Momma and boo
phoebe head 2 a
Booboo massive
Baby Baba 9 mos
Baba on the move_edited
babas head
Baba and Gemma1

Gemma Rose our Russian Princess and Baba, original sire of all Dobruski Dobermans

With 40+ years of dog-breeding experience, your puppy's pedigree was our obsession.
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D Litter pups with Dory, Momma.

Screen Shot 2023-07-29 at 7.25_edited.jpg

Boo Boo, A- Litter.

Beauty or Longevity?

You shouldn't have to choose.​

Even if other breeders boast champion-bred dogs that are head-turning gorgeous... 


Killer looks might mean killer genes (literally).

Your Doberman breeder should care more about your puppy’s longevity than if they’ll win best-in-show.

You want an ethical, no-nonsense breeder that puts your puppy’s longevity first. At Dobruski Dobermans, we’re obsessed with finding pedigrees with a long lifespan (ten years or more) so you get more wiggles, and less worry. 

The ugly truth about some of those "champion" good looks.


Sad as it is, Dobermans have a number of health issues, notably—and tragically— DCM (Dilated Cardiomyopathy).


If you’ve ever lost a family pet to a genetic disease or a Doberman to DCM, you’re not alone. 


We feel your heartbreak.  


After forty+ years of experience (and our own heartbreaks), we care more about creating beautiful Dobermans that also have longevity in their genes than we do about champion lines that win show titles. 

The Doberman gene pool needs a lifeguard!

boo boo 2 head shot.jpg
We verify pedigrees for longevity, so you don't have to. 

Through a hybridizing-mixing of European working, show, and hobby lines we create beautiful dogs that also have genetic diversity.

This approach optimizes the health span of your puppy while preserving Doberman breed longevity—which is our big "why". 
Gatti family pic enhanced.jpeg

Want your own beautiful Doberman with longevity in its genes? 

Yes, I'd like to make application?

Rave Reviews

(Sunglasses optional.)

I exhausted the internet looking for an ethical breeder committed to creating better dogs— not just more dogs. I'm so grateful to have found Dobruski Dobermans, it's a choice that doesn't disappoint.

Susan Stalker with Gertie

Matt w pup in car_edited.jpg

Diva is an amazing breeder and person... She taught me so much about the breed (first time Doberman owner) and how prevalent DCM is. ZERO regrets— these dogs are worth every single cent!

Matt Panos with Deebo

Charles and Nala_edited.jpg

I did plenty of research before acquiring our puppy. After the first phone call I knew Diva was the only fit. ...I got the best dog in the world from the best breeder in the business.

Charles Gatti with Nala

Got questions? Let's chat...

If you're as obsessed with dogs as we are, we'd love to connect.

For questions you may have about our puppies or services, or just dog-related questions, we're happy to help. 


Dobruski Dobermans are $4000 each and a deposit is required to be placed in any waiting list.

$1000 and its non-refundable after it is made! 
The puppy selection process is a first come first serve assignment process.  


You can call us the old-school way or if you prefer, fill out the form here and drop us a note. We promise to get back to you as soon as possible (and to never, ever share your info).


1531 S. Gray bar drive 
Cottonwood, AZ  86326

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