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"E"  litter was a huge success with 12 puppies, 
two red girls,


"F" litter breeding will take place in  mid march

and will also have red puppies,

and we are taking limited deposits for it now!  

ALL 10 puppies from E litter
ALL sold, but we are doing a repeat of this breeding in June for a G litter and our F litter will have a red sire as well!  

E litter all of them_edited.jpg
ember e litter_edited_edited_edited_edited.jpg

"Phoebe" 5/21/21 
Is the dam of the E that just sold, and also the next "F"litter coming up!
26" tall
Thyroid normal
VWD clear
Holter normal, Troponin normal, hips good

E litter "Ms Ember" 

phoebe pedigree image.jpg
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